Cheryl Ottebein  RTC, HT, C.Cht

Hypnotherapy Has Been Around For Thousands Of Years, And Yet hypnosis Is Still A Fairly New And Misunderstood Concept To A Lot Of People.

There are so many misconceptions and stigma regarding this topic, even in this day and age – I’m hoping to shed some light today with all of you, in hopes to answer the most common questions and dispel the more common myths.

What Are Some Myths About Hypnosis?

First of all, I love entertainment but, movies, fictional books and entertaining stage shows have led us to believe things about hypnosis that simply are not true. Many people believe that hypnosis is for the weak-minded, that you have to have a weak mind for you to be hypnotized – MYTH. Did you know a vast majority of my clients are highly analytical?  I have treated doctors, lawyers, accountants, professionals from all walks of life.  They are not weak-minded in fact, weak-minded individuals usually are challenging candidates for hypnotherapy.

A question I frequently get asked is; “I have seen a stage show act. Are you going to make me cluck like a chicken?” The answer is NO. Although the stage show act is very entertaining, stage hypnotists are a small group who begin the show by asking for volunteers, then go through a selection process,  sending the majority of volunteers back to their seats, and only keeps a select few.

The reason being is that those people remaining are willing to do what the hypnotist asks. FACT;  I cannot make you do anything you do not want to do. Under hypnosis, you are still fully aware and in control, you are just in a very relaxed state. So, when you see a sweet elderly lady on stage, ready to do something naughty – something you would never expect a sweet elderly lady to do – Yes, deep down, she’s thinking it. 😊

A lot of people believe they cannot be put into hypnosis. Well, that isn’t exactly true as almost everyone can be put into hypnosis. With that said though, if you have it in your mind that you can’t be hypnotized, then you are probably right. Remember, I cannot make you do anything you do not want to do, as you are in complete control.

Another question I get is; “Can you erase my mind?” This is two-fold … I may be able to erase or essentially cause temporary amnesia however, this is an ethical issue and I personally would never cross that line – but if I was to do so, (which I won’t) your memories would eventually come back in the long term. Stage hypnotists do this as a “trick” for entertainment purposes.  A popular trick results in the volunteer not being able to remember their own name, but it is a very temporary loss of memory.

“Do you use a pocket watch to put me to sleep?”  MYTH, no I do not. This is a wonderful visual for the movie industry. I put you into a deep relaxed state with just my voice.

Interesting Facts

Another question I receive regularly; “How do I prepare for my session, and are there any side effects?” Firstly, there is nothing to prepare for, I do all the work, your only job is to show-up, listen to my instructions and that’s it! – It’s as simple as that.  Bad side effects? Absolutely none, just a deep relaxed feeling, a good night’s sleep, and more energy afterwards. This is more of a benefit than a side effect, I’d say!

“Can I get off my meds after your session?”  First of all, we are not an ”alternative“ to traditional western medicine, I do not work instead of medical practitioners. Hypnotherapists are “complimentary” to medical practitioners as we work with them. If you are taking any medication, I would advise you to speak with your doctor and ask them about your preferences. When I help my clients who suffer from mild depression, and other ailments, their need for medication is reduced, and most are eventually taken off the prescribed drugs under the advice of their medical practitioner.

“What does being in hypnosis feel like?”  All of my clients have reported feeling very calm, relaxed and very peaceful. Most report seeing vivid colors, similar to  looking at the northern lights. And because clients feel so peaceful, they are very reluctant to come back to awakened state. As a result of this peaceful feeling, my clients look forward to the next session, as with each session, it only gets better.

I hope I have answered some of your questions.  In my next article we will address some of the issues that my clients come to see me for, like smoking cessation, weight loss and more.

Here is just a small sampling of what my clients have said:

“Cheryl did a hypnotherapy session on me and my girls. Not knowing what to expect we went in with an open mind. We were pleasantly surprised coming out of the session feeling very relaxed. My personal treatment was to help with my menopausal hot flashes. Cheryl said if they were not gone they would be reduced. This is what has happened they have reduced in strength, length and frequency. I highly recommend this treatment by Cheryl! She was professional, and I feel amazing.

Thank you.”

Tina Bourassa:

“Cheryl addressed the issue I had with my addiction to sugary sweets. I was warned by my doctor about becoming borderline diabetic. Cheryl has helped me turn away from sugar without the cravings. I no longer think about this and I have more control now.”

David M.:

“I went to see Cheryl about my stress & anxiety I had. She put me into a nice relaxation and not only did I sleep really well but my anxiety has reduced. I have been able to resume my daily life without all the drama it caused in the past.


There are a lot more remarks from too many clients to list them all however, you get the idea.

Cheryl Otterbein RTC, HT, C.Cht

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