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Time For A Career Change

Time For A Career Change?

Are you looking for a rewarding career, one where you can help others, have financial freedom and plenty of time to spend with family and friends? Fill in our no-obligation application and find out just how fast and easy you could be on your way to a fulfilling new career! Apply Now!

GST Exempt

All Our Courses are GST Exempt!

The Canada Revenue Agency has determined that our school is considered a vocational institution and as such, is not required to charge GST for its courses and programs!


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Comprehensive practicum program
All students are required to complete 160 hours of practicum in order to become certified. By the time you graduate from the program, you’ll feel comfortable and confident that you can work with any client on any issue.
210 to 385 hours of online & in-class time
This isn’t just a three-day or three-week program. Our curriculum was developed by Jennifer Alexander with 20 years experience in hypnotherapy, teaching, and personal development.
Online Training
We believe support is key to success so CPH developed the online training, a place where students and therapists can gather to collaborate and support one another.
Graduates qualify for malpractice insurance
Since our standards of education and testing are so high, graduates of our programs are eligible for malpractice insurance.
Certified Vocational School
As a certified vocational school and education institute, all tuition fees are eligible tuition expenses for income tax purposes and are GST exempt.
Ongoing Support After Graduation
We know that starting a new practice can be challenging and we want to see you succeed so the support doesn’t stop at graduation. You’ll continue to be a member of the CPH online training.
Hand-Picked Students
Our classes are experiential. During class, you’ll be working through any of your own issues that arise so that by the time you graduate, you have the skills and the mindset for success. This type of learning isn’t for everyone so we make sure that each student accepted into the program is ready to learn, grow, succeed and help his or her classmates do the same.